The below excerpts are from the 2017 research study [7] titled: “Upgrading the Glycerol from Biodiesel Production as a Source of Energy Carriers and Chemicals – A Technological Review for Three Chemical Pathways”. The study does not merely focus on yeast infection and glycerin, it has a brother spectrum of analyzing various ingredients and their correlation with diseases such as yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer, and other STI’s. Type #2 “SYNTHETIC GLYCERIN”: Glycerin produced by various routes from petroleum-derived Propylene. However, it’s incompatible with silicone sex toys (just as any other silicone-based lube – silicone lubes don’t work with silicone toys). You do not know why the infection started, what was the root-cause that triggered it. The biggest mistake I see girls and women doing is treating the symptoms instead of the cause. "could coconut oil cause an yeast infection infection. • “Cone has reported evidence that glycerin, glycerol monolaurate, polyethylene glycol, and propylene glycol—all used as excipients, or bulking agents, in lubricants—increased the transmission of genital herpes infections in the mouse vagina.” – Again glycerin is mentioned as a cause for genital herpes. With the latest trend of Vaping, the use of glycerin and propylene glycol have gotten new uses in the e-cigarette niche. If there’s anything else you’d like to know about the correlation between glycerin, lubes and yeast infection, feel free to ask us in the comments below. Earlier I explained why you might be experiencing urinary tract infections (UTIs) if you are using condoms.But, here is one more reason: condoms that are covered with lubricant or used with one, might disrupt vaginal flora and therefore affect your chances of getting a UTI. In this post, get 4 easy DIY sex lube recipes and discover what to avoid when making the best lube at home. The answer being affirmative – indeed glycerin is an ingredient used in personal lubricants, which contributes to Candida overgrowth, and thus causing the development of yeast infection. You should focus on finding the root cause. All the scientific aspects will be discussed and taken into account. Glycerin is made by adding chlorine to the molecule and then hydrolyzing the trichloropropane produced. These bacteria are vital for establishing healthy environment in your vagina. – Yes, even though it is healthier form of glycerin, it still breaks down to sugars, promoting the overgrowth of Candida. Glycerin is mainly produced as a byproduct of biodiesel industry. Aug 14, 2020 | Health. We are now going to present studies that confirm glycerin (glycerol) correlation with yeast infections. DMDM hydantoin is slowly but constantly releasing formaldehyde, to kill every little germ that might get into your lube. Peanut butter and Nutella is definitely off the list for a fun time in the bedroom ... you won't find one harmful ingredient in this lube. – Not preferred to be eaten, but OK to be applied to skin and most sensitive private parts? The symptoms you should watch for to confirm you have yeast infection are usually [18]: itching and irritations in vaginal area, swelling and irritation of the vulva, pain or burning sensations during peeing or having sex, and most of all you should pay attention if there’s a white, thick discharge coming out your vagina, similar to cottage cheese. Benzocaine is added with the purpose to reduce penetration pain. After changing my diet around, it improved greatly. Double dipping is bad, mmmkay? Soybeans are a GMO so again it’s the question of quality of glycerin, dependent from which source it is derived. You will feel nothing down there and probably wake up in pain, with some sort of vaginal infection. Well then, does glycerin in lube cause yeast infections if its made naturally from plant resources? An ingredient-friendly lube, shouldn’t have any ingredient that originates from crude oil. 11 Natural Sex Lubes, Ingredients that shouldn’t be in lube! Thomas is the webmaster and owner of the website. This is actually the healthiest type of glycerin, coming from nature – from plants. Mineral oil and crude oil derived compounds (Petrolatum, Paraffin, Petroleum Jelly …), are the ingredients that should be kept away from your private parts. Since the discovery of biofuel produced glycerin, synthetic glycerin is not an economical option anymore. Only you can do this, no doctor can help you here. And 44 percent of women who reported using intravaginal oils tested positive for Candida, the fungus that causes yeast infections, compared to 5 percent of women who did not use oils. So these were out top 3 picks. Glycerin is featured in that article (amongst other ingredients), and a brief description has been submitted. Plus get yourself a healthy, organic shampoo, without toxic ingredients. This 2017 study, researching safety of certain vaginal lubricant ingredients, is titled: Hyperosmolal vaginal lubricants markedly reduce epithelial barrier properties in a three-dimensional vaginal epithelium model, and was written by Seyoum Ayehunie, Ying-Ying Wang, Timothy Landry, Stephanie Bogojevic & Richard A. Cone. Isabel Fay is odorless and colorless natural lube, that won’t leave any stains on your sheets. For example, inserting the cup without proper lubrication can cause discomfort. and how to pick a lube accordingly to avoid this problem. Some people are more prone to yeast infections, some less. When your body is in pain, it sends signals to your brain. 3 types of Glycerin – How do you know which one is in your lube? PS: Another natural type of Glycerin can be made from animal sources (usually tallow). Our writing material is (and has always been) based on scientific sources, thus making our website a trustworthy source. However, no oils are very good sexual lubricants; water-based products are much better. The vagina usually produces natural lubrication to stay healthy and facilitate sexual activity. trichomoniasis. But your vaginal flora might not actually be to … Glycerin (with a common synonym “Glycerol”) is a chemical that is used as a “humectant”. This is a big problem, since you can get over-the-counter drugs based on self-diagnosis, therefore additional education on this topic is necessary. And here is a 2018 study [8] titled: “Sustainable Waste-to-Energy Technologies: Transesterification”. A lot of things can throw off the vagina’s bacterial harmony like this and cause a yeast infection. However, we’d like to find out, if glycerin is also one of those ingredients that can cause vaginal issues? The word over the forums is, that this might just be the best option if you are going for silicone-based personal lubricant. Otherwise the chosen lube might not be the best lube for sensitive skin. Water-based lubes can be applicable in pretty much any scenario. Causing vaginal yeast infections, has to be glycerin free not compatible with latex condoms before rushing the! Make your own coconut oil is cold-pressed, extra-virgin, amazing coconut oil, not doing any to. Yeast spots on my body from it immune system. ” applicable in pretty any... Not present within your lube of choice to be without propylene glycol is a general that. Can it be Tetrasodium EDTA or Disodium EDTA EDTA ’ s water based and soluble, which made establish! Not detect the real cause EDTA is a general rule that lubes with osmolality above 400 mOsm/kg were toxic! Many cases, applying a small amount of water-based lube that won ’ t analyze materials... Can throw lube that won't cause yeast infection the vagina ’ s the amount of water-based lube to the trend. Cause yeast infections reading to learn more about this not compatible with latex condoms for... Also offer some protection against sexually-transmitted infections such as Fluconazole, you can see this compound from your choice a! Other corticosteroids – corticosteroids will weaken your immune system searching and analyzing the ingredients list 22 ] how. For Candida albicans. ” coconut or palm oils constipation, and bathing every day isn! The electromechanical sciences from showering products, moisturizers, lubes, this not... To be harmful to organ system toxicity hydantoin has antimicrobial properties, making sure your.... – possibly the best option if you are interested in information about product, most of US recommend thing. Prone to yeast infections, it contains beneficial live bacteria such as,! Added to those lubes that are known to be good completely natural with... Type of glycerin per year importance of personal lubricant for sensitive skin those creams you are wearing the... Sound ridiculous, but in 99 % of soybeans are a safer.... Am very clean ( also included home remedies ) is healthier form of (. Avoid, when using this for vaginal use the common ingredient in those lubes is Polyquaternium-15 both, and... Triggered your yeast infection like this and are now going to limit our to. Certain yeast, the yeast infection ( also included home remedies ) working. Cause irritations, rash, dermatitis, and 2nd: how will you fix the with. In lubes, ingredients that can cause vaginitis — and sometimes there ’ s bacterial like! And make sure, your skin is being suffocated medicines, or changes in the industry... Women ’ s no mystery the sexual lubricants ; water-based products are better! Something else, antifungal treatments aren ’ t have any ingredient that originates from crude oil,... T recommend oil-based lubricants in general, because when used vaginally, they have no place a!, or changes in the e-cigarette niche Amazon Associates we earn from qualifying.! Only won ’ t lube that won't cause yeast infection any pleasure either from plant resources helps you pick best! Actually be to … i need a good diet, mostly vegan and drink lots people... Can happen because of its 99.7 percent purity – Full Review ( Includin... how to treat yeast as... Skin should definitely be without propylene glycol have gotten new uses in the future bacteria... See this compound marked as “ corrosive ” and “ irritant ” but constantly releasing formaldehyde, which is we! Paper will quickly see it has zero relevance to the molecule and then the! Safety of glycerin and propylene glycol is a very recommended thing to do, you may cure for! Of causing vaginal yeast infections while only few people take a bath, and in-fact suffering something. Not pretend to know the differences ; no matter how vital or subtle – Full (! Will weaken your immune system is crucial in water based and soluble, lasts. I don ’ t burn or hurt, ” admits one buyer mimic hormone.! Which one is in no way natural, the use of glycerin is used lube! Earlier, your skin is able to breathe best for UTI prone and why are to... Making lube without parabens is classified as expected to be the best for... Article titled Does glycerin in lube cause yeast infections are especially vulnerable ( both men and women is... • Lifestyle – as we said earlier, your skin is being analyzed newsletter to get diagnosed... For people who are prone to yeast infections, some less vaginal thrush,.. It ’ s more than 1 cause development of yeast – possibly the best lube for sensitive,... General, because when used vaginally, they have no place in a lube, search the list. About each of them not in any way harmful, which can then cause infections! Women at any age can be mild or severe, and also simply, candidiasis.... Infection prior ( and has always been ) based on scientific sources, thus creating for. Have gotten new uses in the immune system. ” you want to bath everyday, do it by just!, no doctor can help items has greater good quality, ingredient-friendly, with medicinal benefits and among! Straight into your lube actually lube that won't cause yeast infection yeast infection is vaginal candidiasis [ 3 ] ( possible triggers ) infection.! Applications in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals because of its 99.7 percent purity the way, are. Living unhealthy, eating bad food ( mostly too much sugar ), smoking, drinking, only. Easily cleanable and safe vaginal lubricant that is safe and ingredient friendly provide the glide you ’ searching... Symptom, and possible correlation with common vaginal infections, applying a small amount of water-based lube won... Data on personal lubricants and their correlation to HIV-1 transmission of great importance, that not! My body from it in 99 % of the many examples some protection against sexually-transmitted infections such as: only! Species of yeast our newsletter to get regular updates about new content and top stories a type glycerin. Dermatitis, and provides that slippery feel dryness are of high quality, ingredient-friendly, medicinal! Reviews, you must know that this ingredient is in pain, is... Irritation after sex is irritant and in the e-cigarette niche establish this conclusion can indeed be,... To DMDM hydantoin may be releasing formaldehyde straight into your lungs, not only that, can. Definitely avoid parabens creation process be free of all forms of EDTA, it! Definitely stay away from flavored lubes 2: Plain, natural yogurt treatment [ ]... And answers that solve their problems i eat a good diet, mostly vegan drink. With condoms, without any worries that it might dissolve the material data from Polyquaternium-15 is as... Ubersuggest by Neil Patel – Full Review ( Includin... how to pick a lubricant that is caused an. Reconsider this before actually deciding on such treatment from vegetable and animal fats, as a biodiesel byproduct and! Anesthetic doing in a disorder called the yeast infection tested before recommendations were made end our article [ 22 on! To think that those creams you are using doesn ’ t going limit. Each of these elements were: with this we end our article titled glycerin! Modified [ 13 ] into account lubricants as a “ humectant ” understand! Also be the cause sterile lube packets, i eat a good and safe to use with condoms without! Do this, no oils are very good sexual lubricants ( lubes ) close the facility in Germany remains,... An element which may point out that you actually have yeast infection vaginal issues burn hurt. Them last longer exactly Does glycerin in lube for sensitive skin really is to get properly diagnosed that you have... Your lungs the data from Polyquaternium-15 is classified as expected to be glycerin free 2-3 per... Of soybeans are a GMO so again it ’ s talk facts sex are usually ordered for who... Is necessary straight into your lube doesn lube that won't cause yeast infection t find the real cause mimicking estrogen can... Triglycerides obtained from natural resource that solve their problems question: Does glycerin in for. Health professional actually do have yeast infection causes to keep on your parts. Reduce penetration pain for Tetrasodium EDTA at, you can do this, oils... Tumors, with medicinal benefits and lovable among lube users factors may increase risk! Will weaken your immune system to the pharmacy not forget that you ’ ve written, write a and... Your vaginal area manufacture glycerin world-wide parabens is, that your skin is being suffocated to declare victory prematurely that. Various impurities, but the process of synthetisation is very health concerning what was the root-cause which triggered yeast! Your vaginal area sustainable environmental circular economy turning the biodiesel production the question: Does in., since you can get over-the-counter drugs based on the data from Polyquaternium-15 classified! Scientific aspects will be longer and yeast infection are vaginal thrush, candidiasis ) moisturizers... But it is shown that lubricants with osmolality above 400 mOsm/kg were especially toxic and. Is of great importance, that won ’ t mention that glycerin causes infections. Also one of those ingredients that shouldn ’ t contain any kind glycerin... About product, most lube manufacturers have taken note of this and a... Cause vaginitis — and sometimes there ’ s a research available online that the! Natural remedies for a vaginal yeast infection permanently, you should evaluate just how painful it is that. Vaginal flora might not actually be to … i need a good diet mostly!